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‘Halloween Kills’ – What Can We Expect from the Extended Cut? The Novelization May Answer That Question

'Halloween Kills' - What Can We Expect from the Extended Cut? The Novelization May Answer That Question

Forward of the January 11, 2022 launch on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Extremely HD (plus a Finest Purchase Steelbook!), David Gordon Inexperienced’s Halloween Kills shall be launched Digitally on December 13, 2021, with an “Prolonged Minimize” of the film being previewed by Amazon. In all chance, this new prolonged model of the sequel to Halloween 2018 shall be obtainable digitally and bodily.

However what can we anticipate from the “Prolonged Minimize”? We’ve no official particulars right now, however David Gordon Inexperienced did just lately tease that an prolonged model of the film with an alternate ending was on the best way. That reveal got here in a chat with Collider final month.

Gordon Inexperienced defined, “There’s a further scene that we filmed that was scripted. And really I feel is a fairly sensible scene. So we’re going to do an prolonged model on the DVD, simply so individuals can see an prolonged ending that’s totally different and funky.”

“We ended up lifting it after I turned extra assured of the place we’re going to choose up within the subsequent film; it didn’t really feel genuine to the place we’re going to go,” he continues. “It’s a part of the film. It’s simply not a part of the suitable momentum of… figuring out the place we’re going to choose up in [Halloween Ends], which, you’ll know in a yr, it wasn’t the fitting look within the eye that we wanted to provide the viewers.”

Within the model of Halloween Kills that’s now taking part in in theaters and streaming on Peacock, Michael survives a seemingly un-survivable assault from the residents of Haddonfield, massacring the mob and returning to his childhood house. In his deceased sister Judith Myers’s previous bed room, Michael appears to kill Karen Strode, and the movie cuts to black from there.

As David Gordon Inexperienced notes, an “prolonged ending” was not solely filmed but in addition initially scripted, and that final bit is attention-grabbing to notice as a result of author Tim Waggoner based mostly the official Halloween Kills novelization – which is now obtainable – on the film’s script. And wouldn’t ya comprehend it, the novelization certainly does have an prolonged/alternate ending.

Waggoner just lately defined to Bloody Disgusting’s Jason Jenkins, “The ending is identical as within the film, besides within the script it goes on only a contact longer. It doesn’t change something concerning the ending in any respect. It simply is somewhat totally different. It’s similar to they ended thirty seconds early or one thing. Possibly that’ll present up on the particular options of the DVD.”

Right here’s how the novelization ends, after Michael kills Karen Strode…

Laurie turned and slowly walked towards the entrance of the restoration room. On the best way, she stopped at her mattress, reached beneath the blanket, and withdrew the knife that Allyson had left for her. Its solidness felt comforting, reassuring. Holding the blade tight, she continued towards the room’s entrance. A hospital telephone was mounted on the wall subsequent to the door. She lifted the receiver, tucked it between her cheek and shoulder, and started urgent digits. She knew Karen’s mobile phone quantity by coronary heart.


The Form stands at his sister’s window as he did so a few years in the past, blood-splattered masks mirrored within the glass earlier than him. He doesn’t see himself, although. He sees one thing else. One thing past… one thing higher. He sees-

A sequence of musical tones performs then, distracting him. He turns towards the sound, sees the girl – Her daughter – mendacity useless on the ground, Christmas sweater in tatters, her chest a ragged mess of blood and torn meat. The music is coming from certainly one of her pockets. The Form tilts his head to the aspect, considers. The he kneels, reaches into the entrance pocket of the girl’s denims together with his three-fingered hand, and pulls out her telephone. He stands, seems to be on the show, pushes a button, and raises the gadget to his head.


Laurie was relieved when the decision was answered. She was about to talk when she heard heavy respiratory on the opposite finish, sick and distorted, as if whoever it was had been critically injured. This wasn’t Karen. She knew that respiratory, knew it in addition to her personal. She felt a tearing sensation deep inside then, as if a significant piece of her had been instantly, violently ripped away.


Her hand trembled, however when she spoke her voice was as chilly as a windswept Arctic plain.

“I’m coming for you, Michael.”

Why would this additional little second – Laurie declaring that she’s coming for Michael – not match the place Gordon Inexperienced goes subsequent with Halloween Ends? Properly, that could possibly be as a result of the subsequent film within the trilogy goes to leap forward 4 years, so maybe Gordon Inexperienced felt it greatest to not set the stage for that remaining battle so a few years earlier than it truly does happen.

That is all hypothesis on my half, after all, but it surely appears fairly clear at this level that the prolonged ending within the ebook is certainly additionally the prolonged ending on this new model of the film that we’re going to be handled to on the highway to Christmas. Which then begs the query: Will the Prolonged Minimize function much more new footage that we haven’t but seen?

For starters, we’re hoping to see a further shot of Michael Myers that was reduce from the theatrical/streaming model, notable as a result of it options ’78 star Nick Citadel as The Form.

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