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The Official “Freddy’s Nightmares” Soundtrack is Now Available for the Very First Time!

The Official "Freddy's Nightmares" Soundtrack is Now Available for the Very First Time!

The noise that 200 Stab Wounds have been making is much from delicate. The Cleveland, Ohio loss of life steel outfit are comparatively new to the scene – having shaped in 2020 – however have been rattling the underground. Their spectacular EP Piles of Festering Decomposition bursts with ferocious sounding riffs and pummeling presentation. In comparison with different horror-loving loss of life steel acts, 200 Stab Wounds units itself aside in creating compositions with technical vary. To not the extent that one might affiliate them as a tech loss of life band, however in every of the twists and turns every monitor affords, there comes a refreshing selection to that of the true and examined horror loss of life steel formulation. With the band’s official debut LP Slave to the Scalpel, 200 Stab Wounds not solely additional lengthen that wonderful high quality, but additionally ship an unnerving rush of heaviness.

The style of brutal slam lends itself to lots of technical repetition, which over time can flip exhilarating instrumentation into monotonous sound. 200 Stab Wounds are not at all a slam band, however in how they use the style’s sonic traits, they craft an expertise that maintains an aura of menace all through. Relatively than simply bash and shred away on their devices, the band constructs compositions that not solely go laborious, however gasoline the file’s total darkish presentation. Catchy rhythms, intricate shifts in time signature and tone, together with playful makes use of of tempo and sonic depth make it so going from monitor to trace, the listener is consistently being fueled with adrenaline.

The drum work and revving guitar rhythm initially of “Pores and skin Milk” are a small style for the way delightfully exhilarating the instrumentation is to turn out to be. All through the music, the band builds upon their efficiency, upping and slowing down the depth of their enjoying all through – permitting for tempo to create a hysteric attraction. “Tow Rope Across the Throat” sees the band carrying forth an analogous rhythm, but additionally expands upon the band’s musical template with extra fluctuation in drumming patterns and rhythmic shifts. The vocals present a grueling, considerably mucus-like texture to tracks; in “Itty Bitty Items,” it feels as if the phrases are clinging onto the guitar rhythm, the 2 working collectively to current this icky vibe.

The technical work all through the file isn’t something excessive or on the market, however it’s important in conserving the fabric participating. In mixing a number of types of heavy music, there isn’t a obnoxious repetitiveness or clashing of ideas – the craft behind this work is topnotch. By enjoyable rhythms, moments of melody, and throwing in random (welcomed) surprises in technical aptitude, these 9 tracks hold listeners on their toes and anticipating what’s going to come subsequent.

Slave to the Scalpel is not only a killer file, but additionally prominently highlights the skills of 200 Stab Wounds. As a younger band inside the loss of life steel scene, that is an act to maintain a watch out for. The recent brutality the band brings into their instrumentation – conserving the weather of brutal slam fascinating via intricate technicality – affords a loss of life steel expertise that thrills and chills.

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Slave to the Scalpel by 200 STAB WOUNDS

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