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[Trailer] Fast Food Horror Sim ‘Happy’s Humble Burger Farm’ Out Now on PC, Consoles

[Trailer] Fast Food Horror Sim 'Happy’s Humble Burger Farm' Out Now on PC, Consoles

It wouldn’t be The Sport Awards season with out some rumours going round, now wouldn’t it? Granted, the supply of this one is from 4chan, so mood your expectations accordingly.

In line with the leak, Bethesda and Arkane might be returning to the world of 2017’s Prey. The story goes that the mission originated from an inside sport jam Arkane held in 2019, and was picked up as soon as Microsoft acquired Bethesda. Microsoft apparently desires to beef up the Xbox Sport Cross, and are utilizing upcoming titles corresponding to this sport to do it.

The sport, titled Neuroshock, is reportedly a shorter sport that’s set totally on Earth, happening after the top credit of the unique Prey. You’ll be enjoying as Mission Cobalt, a typhon organism injected with Prey protagonist Morgan Yu’s cells. The sport may have a “Deus Ex-like construction”, and have extra sorts of enemies than Prey, but additionally fewer neuromods. The neuromods that might be included within the sport might be extra “artistic and experimental” than those within the earlier sport.

Lastly, the leak states that the sport will solely have a teaser trailer at The Sport Awards, and is deliberate to be launched “a yr or so” after Arkane’s present title, the open world co-op vampire-slayer Redfall, which is anticipated Summer time 2022.

Once more, none of this has been confirmed by both Bethesda, Arkane or Microsoft, so take your salt with it. Within the meantime, should you’re itching for extra Prey, take a look at the latest episode dedicated to the sci-fi horror shooter on The Secure Room Podcast.

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