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[Trailer] ‘Hellsweeper VR’ Gives You Godlike Powers To Crush Your Foes With Acrobatic Chaos

[Trailer] 'Hellsweeper VR' Gives You Godlike Powers To Crush Your Foes With Acrobatic Chaos

Atlus continues to drop data on the upcoming Shin Megami Tensei V, together with particulars on characters and sport mechanics. The most recent drop introduces a number of ancillary characters, together with extra demons for the participant to find.

First is Shohei Yakumo, who might be thought of a rival to the sport’s protagonist, aka you. A mysterious man who refers to himself as an exterminator of demons, his motives and true allegiance stay a thriller. His solely accomplice is Nuwa, a demon primarily based on a goddess that seems in Chinese language mythology. She’s labored alongside Yakumo since he was younger with a purpose to “fulfill sure targets”.


Additionally launched is Abdiel, the archangel answerable for Bethel’s important department. Stern and uncompromising, she makes use of her energy to eradicate anybody who threatens Bethel.


As for the mechanics, negotiation is again in SMTV, the place you possibly can discuss to enemy demons to recruit them as a substitute of preventing them. Demons all have their very own personalities and quirks, and SMTV will introduce new behaviours. As well as, having sure demons in your celebration has the potential to result in particular conversations with enemy demons you encounter.

Fusions are additionally again, permitting gamers to merge demons to create a brand new one. It’s also possible to carry out a “reverse fusion”, the place you’re in a position to see the outcomes first and choose the required demons. There are additionally particular fusions, which contain fusing two-to-four demons to create even stronger ones, whereas elemental fusions can help you improve or downgrade to a different demon throughout the similar household.

Additionally in SMTV are Glory and Miracles. You’ll be able to spend Glory to be taught Miracles if you go to the World of Shadows. Miracles are highly effective skills that cowl a variety of expertise that may help you in battle, negotiations, demon fusions, ability potentials and stat-building.

Shin Megami Tensei V releases November 12 worldwide for the Nintendo Change. You could find extra of the brand new photographs courtesy of Gematsu.

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