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[Hands-On Preview] The Fast-Paced Cyberpunk-Styled ‘Turbo Overkill’ is a Violent, Pulsating Throwback Shooter

[Hands-On Preview] The Fast-Paced Cyberpunk-Styled ‘Turbo Overkill’ is a Violent, Pulsating Throwback Shooter

It doesn’t take lengthy for Set off Joyful Interactive’s Turbo Overkill to begin displaying off, and in equity, it has each purpose to take action. A throwback first-person shooter set sooner or later the place its protagonist, the suitably 90s man/machine hybrid generally known as Johhny Turbo, zips up, down, and round its neon-drenched Paradise metropolis like an oiled pebble happening a slide. Turbo slays augmented goons with two barrels of smoking justice and a slice of his chainsaw leg simply as simply as one would possibly write their signature.

Johnny Turbo returns dwelling to the town of Paradise and discovers its inhabitants underneath the digital thumb of a rogue A.I. referred to as Syn. Not solely does Syn have the general public enslaved, but it surely additionally determined to deploy a military of biomechanical baddies for good measure. Armed along with his personal nifty set of augments, Johnny units out to take down Syn and its minions, battle bounty hunters, save Paradise, and earn a hefty money reward within the course of. 

I need to admit, I’m a straightforward mark for flashy, over-the-top shooters, however that doesn’t imply I’d be incapable of cynicism and criticism towards Turbo Overkill if it was relying solely on being flashy and over-the-top. There’s obtained to be some meat on its tech-infused bones whether it is to maintain the tempo and never find yourself huffing and puffing on the sidelines in the long run.

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Fittingly for a sport with a cyberpunk aesthetic, Turbo Overkill welds fashionable tips onto its extra conventional first-person body. There are chunks of Quake, Doom, Duke Nukem, Titanfall, Bulletstorm, and Vanquish right here, amongst different influences, and the problem of stapling these chunks collectively and making a satisfactory entire is a tough one. Clearly, no fashionable sport can faux it’s born of an entirely unique concept, however the danger of loudly declaring what concepts and types you’ve plucked elements of your sport from are inciting direct comparisons.

What helps Turbo Overkill, on this regard, is that the elements which are chosen largely work collectively seamlessly, and with the sport’s lightning tempo, there’s barely a nanosecond to consider such issues within the second. Johnny has one a hell of a toolset to start with, and it solely improves with development. The aforementioned chainsaw leg provides some additional kick to erm… kicking foes, however his arm-mounted rockets, wall-running prowess, and slow-mo ‘Hero Time’ energy warmth up the spice ranges additional nonetheless.

It’s within the mixture of Johnny’s talents and weaponry that Turbo Overkill finds its ultraviolent rhythm. The circulation of platforming, parkour, and fight takes slightly getting used to initially, however quickly it clicks and that just about trance-like ‘zone’ I used to get in throughout Quake video games all of the sudden materialized. To an observer, it should look virtually easy as Johnny leaps throughout boats docked in a dreary harbor, thundering alongside rain-soaked streets, slide-tackling foes chainsaw leg-first, and gibbing enemies to the beat of a crunchy electro-rock soundtrack. The phrase that stored coming to thoughts was ‘pulsating’. Turbo Overkill doesn’t simply use Late 90s/Early 2000s FPS nostalgia for the sake of a hook, it makes use of the precise feeling of the way it performs at its greatest. A snarling, slick chimera of my favourite old-school shooters in new packaging. 

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It’d go nowhere with out a good set of weapons although, and even within the preview phases of Turbo Overkill, there’s a tasty arsenal to check out. Johnny’s twin magnums are the beginning weapons, and whereas they’re completely wonderful for punching holes into cybernetic chests usually, there’s an alt-fire that tracks and targets enemies to ship extra deadly, insta-gibbing photographs. This alt-fire ethos continues all through. There’s a shotgun that has a plasma blast, one other that has a grenade launcher, the Uzi can swap between targeted fireplace and dual-wield, and a minigun that doubles as a flamethrower. There’s a satisfying punch to those weapons, accentuated additional by the wonderful spray of blood and gore as enemies explode.

Johnny could fly via Paradise at a canter, but it surely’s nonetheless laborious to disregard the scuzzy neon great thing about the town alongside the way in which. The throwback artwork and stage design are complemented by dazzling lighting that dances off the in any other case grim, rainswept cityscape, and a definite visible taste to the world and its freaky inhabitants. The Cyberpunk/Blade Runner aesthetic is quick turning into overused in video video games, however when it’s deeply entrenched in a sport’s design on a number of ranges like it’s right here, then it turns into so much simpler to recollect how good it might probably really feel.

Up to now, Turbo Overkill is doing precisely what it must by making me need extra of its blood and neon bullet ballet. It may actually do with slightly tweak right here and there to maintain the pace, however make falling into our bodies of water much less of a pace-spoiling expertise, however in any other case, it’s already shaping as much as be a scrumptious slice of frenetic old-school capturing pleasure.

Turbo Overkill preview code for PC offered by the writer.

Turbo Overkill is due for launch in 2022 on all main platforms.

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