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Upcoming ‘Resident Evil REvisited’ Mod to Explore The S.D. Perry ‘Resident Evil’ Novels

Upcoming 'Resident Evil REvisited' Mod to Explore The S.D. Perry 'Resident Evil' Novels

For individuals who are eager to get into the lore created within the S.D. Perry Resident Evil novels, then you definately’ll need to preserve a watch out for the upcoming Resident Evil REvisited mod. The mod is being developed for the PC model of Resident Evil 2 by the REVisited group, whose objective is to “give you one thing new, but additionally nostalgic and enjoyable!”

As reported by the high-quality of us at Residence of Evil, REvisited will function an all-new story, places, characters and enemies, and takes place within the Arklay Mountains and Spencer Mansion shortly earlier than the occasions of the primary Resident Evil. You play as Umbrella worker Trent aka Victor Darius, who is distributed to gather information from the Spencer Mansion lab. After all, alongside the way in which, Trent encounters zombies, and is pressured to take refuge on the A Day in Raccoon Motel within the Arklay Mountains.

The mod will comply with the basic RE system, however will embody rooms within the Spencer Mansion from the Gamecube remake, in addition to new places, altered puzzles and new NPCs. The sport is a collaborative effort, and in keeping with the group, a demo (which is able to centre on the A Day in Raccoon Motel location) shall be arriving very quickly.



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